The City and the Stars and the Sands of Mars

Arthur C. Clarke

Book 1 of Against the Fall of Night

Language: English

Publisher: Aspect

Published: Sep 1, 2001


From Library Journal

Published in 1953, 1952, and 1979, respectively, this trio of novels follow Clarke's recurring theme of humans thrusting themselves into space and then not necessarily liking what they find. The religious images that run throughout Clarke's work also are present here.
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Product Description

The City and the Stars: The 10-billion-year-old metropolis of Diaspar is humanity's last home. Alone among immortals, the only man born in 10 million years desperately wants to find what lies beyond the city. The Sands Of Mars: Science fiction writer Martin Gibson finally gets a chance to visit the research colony on the Red planet. Its a dream come true, until he discovers the perils of survival on another world.