The Adventure of Silver Blaze

Arthur Conan Doyle

Book 120 of canon of Sherlock Holmes

Language: English

Published: Jan 1, 1892


Sherlock Holmes had the new investigation. All of England was discussing the tragedy what happened in the stables of King's Pyland in Dartmoor. Before the crime on the stables where was a horse named Silver Blaze came a Fitzroy Simpson. He worked as a bookmaker in horse racing. He asked too many questions and it angered duty groom. The infuriated groom hardly set a guard dog on him. The same evening, after dinner, Silver's coach John Straker went to the stables to check was everything alright and nobody saw him alive anymore. The body had found his wife and nearly was the groom. The groom was under the influence of the drug and horse had missed. Silver Blaze had disappeared just before the race for the Wessex Cup. It was the main favorite of the competition stallion. All available evidence led to the bookmaker Simpson and police arrested him.