Virtue, Vice, and Value

Thomas Hurka

Language: English

Published: Dec 28, 2000


What are virtue and vice, and how do they relate to other moral properties such as goodness and rightness? Thomas Hurka defends a distinctive perfectionist view according to which the virtues are higher-level intrinsic goods, ones that involve morally appropriate attitudes to other, independent goods and evils. He develops this highly original view in detail and argues for its superiority over rival views, including those given by virtue ethics.


"Highly recommended for its powerful techniques, the vast range of its moral concerns, and its integration of historical understanding with contemporary theoretical issues."--Michael Slote, Mind

"This book will be the best book on virtue since Aristotle. It will be to virtue what Sidgwick was to utilitarianism."-Brad Hooker, University of Reading

About the Author

Thomas Hurka, Professor of Philosophy, Chancellor Henry N.R. Jackman Distinguished Chair in Philosophical Studies, University of Toronto.