The Physicists’ View of Nature Part 2: The Quantum Revolution

Amit Goswami

Language: English

Publisher: Springer

Published: Feb 15, 2002



" In this wonderful book, Dr. Goswami examines the womb of creation, the origins of the universe and our own consciousness with great scientific rigor but also with the elegance of simplicity. This book will radically and fundamentally shift your awareness of yourself and your relationship with the cosmos. You'll never experience the ordinary world you are used to and you'll climb a magical staircase to glimpse and experience worlds you may have never dreamed of."
(Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Healing and How to Know God)

Product Description

This book was designed as a textbook for students who need to fill their science requirement. The Quantum Revolution discusses how quantum theory overthrew the objective, materialist and determinist worldviews of classical physics. The text emphasizes how quantum physics may reestablish consciousness as a causal agent in science by delving into quantum non-locality and its implications to society.