Larry Coryell: Jazz Guitar

Larry Coryell

Language: English

Publisher: Backbeat

Published: Jan 2, 1998


This practical book with CD helps guitarists improve their ability to play over changes better understand jazz harmony and expand their jazz vocabulary. Using examples from his own experiences playing with many well-known musicians top fusion guitarist Larry Coryell provides dozens of musical exercises - plus original compositions - that challenge guitarists to increase flexibility in their thinking and playing. Topics include: new approaches to playing accompaniment ( comping ); integrating chords and scales in jazz solos; interpreting chord changes; and improvising - the art of creating music spontaneously with other players.


"An easy-to-understand text from one of the 20th century's greatest improvisers." -- Vic Juris, guitarist

"As a professional musician, scholar and jazz educator, I consider Larry Coryell's jazz guitar book one of the most comprehensive text books available to the young jazz musician. This book is not only great for guitar players, but it helps saxophone players and other instrumentalists understand the role of the guitar in comping, soloing, and improvising." -- Nathan Davis, Ph.D., Director of Jazz Studies, University of Pittsburgh

"Larry's vast knowledge of guitar playing is awesome. His harmonic concepts and improvisational genius have always established Larry as a true master. This book should open the door to a better understanding in our quest for advanced guitar playing." -- Al DiMeola, guitarist

"Provides exercises and sheet music tunes livelier than most." -- The Bookwatch, February 1999