Database Publishing With FileMaker Pro on the Web

Maria Langer

Language: English

Publisher: Peachpit Press

Published: Jan 15, 1998


Whether you are using FileMaker 3 with third-party helper applications such as Tango, Lasso, or Web FM, or FileMaker 4 with its integrated Web publishing features, this book is designed to help you get your database online quickly and effectively. Maria Langer guides you step-by-step through the various ways of connecting your FileMaker database to the World Wide Web or corporate intranet. Chock-full of practical tips and juicy tricks, as well as valuable, everyday advice for any database publisher, Database Publishing with FileMaker on the Web is the indispensible guide to putting your database online. You'll find out all about:

  • Static vs. Dynamic publishing--which one is appropriate for your specific needs?
  • CDML--Claris Dynamic Markup Language, the "glue" that allows FileMaker to interact with Web pages.
  • The variety of security options available to FileMaker Web publishers.
  • Effective ways of using third-party Web publishing add-ons in FileMaker 3 and FileMaker 4.
  • Including graphics in your published data.
  • Making your database interactive without using CGI.
  • Handling transactions over the Web, including shopping carts, credit card authorizations, and creating packing slips and invoices.

Get the inside scoop on FileMaker 4's new Web publishing features:

  • Export to HTML Table--Automatically creates an HTML table based on database information.
  • Instant Web Publishing--The fastest, easiest way to get your database online.
  • Custom Web Publishing--Create custom Web pages that automatically display your database info exactly how you want it.
  • Web Companion--Learn how to configure FileMaker to suit your publishing and security needs.